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Monthly Archives: April 2011

A Tuscan Blessing for Romance… and Film Makers

Tuscany… a never ending movie in its own right… Have you ever dreamed of being a film star? Well, even if that’s an impossible dream you can still boast that you have held your blessing or wedding ceremony in a region which has starred in some of the greatest films of all time. Tuscany has […]

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Search For A Soul Mate

In these moments of crisis and uncertainty on many fronts, including environmental, economic and social, one thing is a given constant and that is the human desire and search for LOVE. Love of course manifests itself in many forms and constantly surrounds us whether we are aware of it or not but no matter how […]

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Tuscan Venues and Being Spoilt for Choice!

We are constantly discovering new and enchanting locations all over Italy and attempting to satisfy the growing demand for unusual and visually captivating locations. Clients have told us that a location should offer value for money as the most important factor but that beauty and style are still essential factors when location spotting. This year […]

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The Lady of The Lake

  Performing in Lago Maggiore never fails to be an unforgettable experience and Lake Orta in particular commands a special place in our affections. Siobhan and Stuart will forever feel the same, bound by the emotional experience of their early Spring ceremony, which was held in the perfectly manicured gardens of the charming Villa Bossi. […]

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Golden Memories of a Wedding in Florence

  There is a saying that ‘behind every great man there’s a great woman’ and Cubby never expected to find such a great example until meeting Stephanie. He immediately fell in love with her warm and upbeat soul… Of course the saying is true on the reverse… behind every great woman is a great man! […]

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