Carpe Diem… Seizing The Day in Tuscany

carpe diemcarpe diemcarpe diemcarpe diemcarpe diemcarpe diem

LIFE IS NOW as we all know and allowing opportunities for happiness to pass us by makes no sense whatsoever…

“Watch out, what you do with your day, cause it is the whole truth of life.
Yesterday is just a dream and tomorrow is only a vision.
But living good today, makes every yesterday to a dream of joy
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Enjoy the moment, and live today!
Let this be your first thought every rising sun.”

 ‘Carpe Diem’ is of course the famous phrase used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that one should enjoy life in the here and now. This simple but wise sentiment has been universally expressed, especially in 16th and 17th century English poetry.

It is now such an obvious and worn out motto that it has become a clichè.  There are those who are unafraid to pursue their heart’s desires… and believe that one should pluck fruit while it is ripe… preferably and appropriately in the Tuscan summertime!

Emily and Ian are a handsome young and adventurous couple, who firmly believe that you must follow your heart and do everything you can to make your dreams happen. Their extensive research and dedication to detail most definitely contributed to the success of a unique felicitous event!

Their energy and enthusiam for all things Italian made quite an impression on us both when we met them for a drink prior to the date on a hot summer afternoon near Cortona. We were so impressed by their positivity and obvious pride and love for their beautifully named daughers, Tallulah and India…

There are some Brides that you just sense are going to be a delight from the first communication… first impressions usually prove to be right we have found.

Communication was ongoing throughout several months to refine the scriptural details of the ceremony. The weather too did not disappoint the many guests who were clearly seizing the opportunity to enjoy the intense sunshine and summer haze of a blissful July afternoon. Emily’s smile however illuminated the ceremony far more effectively as these stunning images from Carlo Carletti’s Studio of Photographers demonstrates.

We would like to thank Emily and Ian for being such a delightful Bride and Groom and we are sure that all their future dreams will be realised… nothing tends to stand in their way when they see something they want… including one another. This couple truly know the meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ and we would like to thank Emily’s Grandmother for explaining the meaning so beautifully with her expert recitation 🙂