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To The Lighthouse…

One of the most memorable and delightful matrimonial experiences of 2012 was undoubtedly Barbara and Wilco’s romantic Autumn ceremony in Sardinia. This handsome young Dutch couple first recognized they had fallen deeply in love during a previous visit to the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (Sardegna). Since Barbara and Wilco are a couple […]

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Dancing ‘I Do’ On A Roman Beach

It made perfect sense that we gathered on a beautiful Roman beach by the sea, to celebrate the culmination of events that led them to making the ultimate decision… and we believe these fantastic photos by their close friend and Photographer Robertino Zanni perfectly capture the sheer joy of the occasion.

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A First Resort on the Island of Ischia

James and Randi were lured to the paradisiacal island of Ischia by a great desire to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives, as a September sun descended over a dreamy Mediterranean seascape. It wasn’t an easy request for us to accommodate initially, since we had accepted separate engagements to perform in opposite […]

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Making Waves: An Emotional Same Sex Blessing by the Sea

  Around 120 enthusiastic participants had gathered on a beach just outside Rome, patiently awaiting the arrival of the Groom… and Groom! This was the most talked about ceremony of the year so far and even a journalist from a popular Italian newspaper had turned up with a photographer, in order to chronicle the event […]

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Turning The Tide… Italian Style!

Romans are renowned for their sense of style… Valeria and Fabio, a very determined young couple from the Eternal City, decided upon an alternative to the more expected traditional indoor location, preferring instead to relish a romantic wedding day held in a beach setting by the sea on a sultry summer evening. They also wished […]

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