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Don’t Forget St. Valentine’s Day!

  This is the day we acknowledge or reveal our love for that special someone thanks to a Forgotten Saint. No-one can ignore or forget St Valentine’s Day… guys do so at your peril! It is easy to be upset if your significant other doesn’t send you a card or bring you flowers but spare […]

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A Tuscan Blessing for Romance… and Film Makers

Tuscany… a never ending movie in its own right… Have you ever dreamed of being a film star? Well, even if that’s an impossible dream you can still boast that you have held your blessing or wedding ceremony in a region which has starred in some of the greatest films of all time. Tuscany has […]

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The Princess Bride: A Wedding at Castello Borgia

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young English girl whose parents often took her away on many travels to exotic destinations. One of these most cherished family adventures remained a vivid memory. She was but a child, exploring the enchanted green heart of Italia when she fell under a spell cast by the spirit […]

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