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Search For A Soul Mate

In these moments of crisis and uncertainty on many fronts, including environmental, economic and social, one thing is a given constant and that is the human desire and search for LOVE. Love of course manifests itself in many forms and constantly surrounds us whether we are aware of it or not but no matter how […]

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Shanghai Surprise!

There once was a handsome young Spanish boy, brought up in Milan, who met a beautiful Chinese girl in the States, who had grown up near Lago Maggiore… It is an entertaining story involving many countries and locations, from which over two hundred guests travelled to partake in a multi cultural blessing, celebrated mainly in […]

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An Operatic Ceremony at La Suvera

Multi cultural and inter-faith ceremonies are a fantastic opportunity for couples to integrate spiritual aspects of both religions without risk of contradiction or awkwardness. Jennifer and Zac cared deeply about the content and structure of their ceremony. Giuseppe maintained a close dialogue with them to ensure that their wishes were respected and realized. The tone […]

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Sikh To Be…

…always joyous, grateful and blissfully happy to have found one another! Not that they need to be reminded really… but this is a sincere and heartfelt wish for an extremely special and devoted couple, who have just celebrated their intention to be joined as one in matrimony, at an enchanting Castle in the heart of […]

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Un Matrimonio D’Amore

What more appropriate surname could exist for a bride of Italian descent who chose to marry in Italy? We know that Dina is happy to be known by a new surname now that she is married but the name ‘D’Amore’ is such a perfectly apt description of the character of this particular bride… and of […]

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