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A Green Heart for Valentine’s Day in Italy

  Love is in the air.. in every sight and every sound. Soon it will be everywhere you look around too because San Valentino is almost here! Apart from Christmas and New Year’s Eve this is one of the most popular dates for couples to enjoy a touching Betrothal. Getting engaged abroad on Valentine’s Day […]

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Don’t Forget St. Valentine’s Day!

  This is the day we acknowledge or reveal our love for that special someone thanks to a Forgotten Saint. No-one can ignore or forget St Valentine’s Day… guys do so at your peril! It is easy to be upset if your significant other doesn’t send you a card or bring you flowers but spare […]

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A Fairytale Wedding at Castello di Vincigliata in Fiesole

    The classic song ‘Spanish Eyes’ perfectly described the Groom’s feelings towards his blusing bride who, with a pure mediterranean beauty, dazzled as brightly as the Tuscan sun at a romantic castle in the fine hills of Fiesole, landscape much loved by celebrated film makers, poets and writers. Directors as suceptible to profound beauty […]

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