Dancing ‘I Do’ On A Roman Beach

Kahlil Gibran famously declared that the ‘soul of the dancer abides in the whole body, whilst the poet’s soul resides in the heart’. This eloquent expression perfectly reflects the essential nature of Liz and Alberto’s unique bond.

They made a conscious choice to marry by the sea and expressed an earnest wish for a beautiful beach wedding, skillfully organized by Paola Fantozzi at Matrimonio Esclusivo, featuring their favourite dance music. As self confessed music junkies, they seem to have unconsciously followed the waves of dance and sea even from first meeting while partying on a beach in Ibiza!

Music and Dance is still an activity that remains immensely important for them as a way of communicating and enjoying one another’s company… and also of sharing their joy with their families and many friends, whose presence and contribution to the ceremony will always mean the world to them both.

One of the earliest gifts that Liz offered Alberto was a small red heart, symbolically demonstrating that hers was his alone to keep… and while gazing together out at the most beautiful sea in the Maldives, Alberto decided that a shooting star overhead signified an auspicious event… the perfect moment in which to ask for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage… and so he decided to offer back the same heart to Liz encased in sand…

The colour of the heart is also indicative of the Bride’s Chinese ancestry and according to her wishes red was utilised in a meaningful way throughout the arrangements.

Our newly weds greatly deserve every happiness… They envisage living as a loving family, surrounded by golden sand and the warm embrace of the ocean’s tide…

And so it made perfect sense that we gathered on a beautiful Roman beach by the sea, to celebrate the culmination of events that led them to making the ultimate decision… and we believe these fantastic photos by their close friend and Photographer Robertino Zanni perfectly capture the sheer joy of the occasion.

We would like to thank Robertino and of course Liz and Alberto for allowing us to share their unique experience with our readers.

Of course the day would not have been complete without Alberto’s lovely daughter, Rebbi. Her presence was fundamental to the ceremony and it was incredibly moving to watch her reaction throughout, especially during the exchanging of vows. Her tears of joyful excitement did not go unnoticed and during one particularly poignant moment, we also caught the Bride moved to the verge of tears as Rebbi presented the rings for the ceremony, it was a powerful vibe and one that will be forever cherished by all present..

Sorridente 🙂

Liz Possenti-Lee - December 2, 2012 - 1:57 pm

Beautiful, just beautiful! It bought a tear to my eye yet again watching, listening and reading your lovely words… Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts, we are so happy to have been introduced to you both for our Beach Blessing as you really captured the meaning behind our love story! Thank you e Amore xx