A Green Heart for Valentine’s Day in Italy


Love is in the air.. in every sight and every sound. Soon it will be everywhere you look around too because San Valentino is almost here!

Apart from Christmas and New Year’s Eve this is one of the most popular dates for couples to enjoy a touching Betrothal. Getting engaged abroad on Valentine’s Day has always been popular and the trend promises to continue in arguably the most romantic country in the world.

Many couples wish to crown their decision to marry with an engagement shoot and hire a professional photographer to accompany them. Combining a romantic trip with sourcing locations and local vendors is something that many couples find convenient.

Many head for cultural cities in Tuscany, with Florence as the most popular. It’s an obvious choice because it is easy to navigate and find entertaining scenarios for those picture perfect opportunities.

But if cities aren’t your preference and you are more a lover of nature then the peace and quiet of a more rural setting is for you.

Fiesole is punctuated by Cypresses and blessed by that ancient symbol of peace, hope and light.. the ubiquitous olive tree. Tuscany is world famous for their abundance and famously produce the elixir of life itself.. olive oil. It’s use and significance has always been of the most fundamental importance for a healthy lifestyle in the Mediterranean.

An auspicious beginning to a journey towards matrimony is love anointed by this golden liquid.. Savour the glorious taste of Tuscany after your engagement shoot by sampling the culinary delights on offer in the many renowned restaurants boasting excellent reviews. Ask locals where they eat!

Heading south from Florence towards the border between southern Tuscany and Umbria is a brilliant pearl of a place called Cortona. In the distance you can catch a glimpse of the world famous Lake Trasimeno. This is undeniably one of the most unspoilt and captivating areas of Umbria, which incidentally is known as

the ‘green heart of Italy’. Umbria is celebrated for its many stunning Villas, Castles and rustic houses. Due to its connection to the geographical heart of Italy, many couples fall in love with the untamed natural beauty. There are many locations surrounded by olive groves and Umbrian cuisine is second to none.

Perugia is Umbria’s proud capital and home to many incredible medieval palaces. Meandering through the tiny streets that encircle the centre of Perugia is truly an experience in time travel.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day here is also interesting because it is home to the delicious ‘Baci’ (kisses) chocolates, which are traditionally offered to loved ones, especially at this time of year.

So if you don’t receive half a dozen crimson kisses you can compensate by sharing lots of little chocolate kisses, taking great care not to overindulge… remember the lens doesn’t lie!

Once you have experienced the sights and sounds of Italian life, all that remains is to congratulate yourself on your good taste. You will never forget the sweet moment you promised to spend forever together.. and if you engaged the services of a professional photographer the memory will be immortalised forever!