‘Man Talk’ before ‘I Do’



One of the most stressful moments for a Groom is of course, waiting for The Bride to arrive!

Brides are traditionally a little late but sometimes last minute touches to hair and make-up can make the waiting time for a Groom seem endless..

We men are not always patient at the best of times and this is where the reassuring presence of a sympathetic and sensitive Celebrant is fundamental… even if only to distract The Groom for a short while.

I relish conversations with Grooms, Groomsmen and Best Men during the minutes that never seem to pass. This is my chance to bond a little with the male party and indulge in a little ‘man talk’… which usually includes advice concerning how important it is not to listen to those who say ‘boys don’t cry.’ Oh yes we do.. or we at least become tearful… and why not?

I recall a particularly enjoyable ceremony with Gemma and Sam, held in the province of Florence last year and the lively pre-ceremony discussion with Sam, spanning a variety of interesting topics.

Speaking as an Italian male, I would say that it isn’t enough to be able to speak English in order to truly communicate with those from other countries. It’s also really important to understand those from abroad.

I enjoyed sharing a few humorous cultural observations as well as deeper and more insightful ones with Samuel. He was a real pleasure to talk to and together with the other men present, we whiled away the time in easy going banter.

As Gemma was accompanied down the aisle by her father, Sam appeared more relaxed and ready to greet his lovely Bride, who was absolutely radiant in an elegant vintage fan-tailed bridal gown.
Who says men don’t take notice of fashion? 🙂

I would personally like to thank Gemma and Sam for having invited me to script and conduct their ceremony… and for the chance to experience that all important male camaraderie!

Giuseppe Rossi