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    Welcome to The Blessings Blog, which is written by us for YOU, our valued couples. We hope that the articles featured will be informative, entertain and guide you. In order to access some of the posts you will need to apply for a password, sadly due to the increase of plagiarism and website hackers.

    Happy reading!

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    If you value the actual ceremony and hope it will live on in the hearts and minds of others too, then pay close attention to the information you provide us with. The most pleasurable and creative aspect of our service is in the transformation of your words into beautifully flowing prose, which will accurately and touchingly reflect your feelings for one another.

    We have become adept at ascertaining the style and manner in which we should formulate ceremonies to reflect your wishes. We are never sugary and over romantic but represent genuine sentiments, expressed as you would wish them to be…. and judging by recent feedback, most couples feel that this makes all the difference to the experience of being joined together symbolically forever. After all your intention to marry will affect the rest of your lives and with this in mind, we will leave you with an inspirational thought, simply but powerfully expressed by one of the wisest men ever to have lived…Mahatma Gandhi.

    Keep your thoughts positive,
    because your thoughts become your words.
    Keep your words positive,
    because your words become your behaviours.
    Keep your behaviours positive,
    because your behaviours become your habits.
    Keep your habits positive,
    because your habits become your values.
    Keep your values positive,
    because your values become your destiny.

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A Remade Promise in Italy

The increase in demand for Romantic Wedding Day Elopements in Italy continues this year. Many couples also choose ‘Renewal Elopements’, focussing upon the ceremony, more as a quintessential experience of being joined together in matrimony than in repeating history. Some feel that first time around they were swept up in the excitement of sharing their […]

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Gregory’s Girl

Hannah and Greg decided together that a deeper commitment witnessed by beloved family and friends should be enjoyed in the Tuscan sunshine. Their ceremony was an emotional affair and we were thrilled to have been asked by their Wedding Planner to officiate. They chose the area of Cortona, southern Tuscany, which has its borders close […]

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A First Resort on the Island of Ischia

James and Randi were lured to the paradisiacal island of Ischia by a great desire to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives, as a September sun descended over a dreamy Mediterranean seascape. It wasn’t an easy request for us to accommodate initially, since we had accepted separate engagements to perform in opposite […]

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They Sailed Into A Venetian Sunset

  Rachel and John’s tender love story began while sailing upon the Bosphorus Sea and the acquarian theme continued when they decided to marry on a Venetian Island surrounded by a lagoon on a glorious September afternoon. It was an inspired choice, as so many couples decide to hold ceremonies on mainland Venice, which is […]

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Ring The Changes!

We sincerely believe that tradition can be brought up to date and wanted to delight and surprise the Bride and Groom and their congregation with a ceremony that would hopefully be spiritual, tender and romantic but also a lot of fun… but we can’t take all the credit as we received a lot of support […]

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