A Perfectly Private Affair in Val D’Orcia


Tarma and Dale’s heartfelt desire from the outset was to realize an unforgettable wedding experience in Tuscany, which would be shared only with their nearest and dearest in the merry month of May.

They rented a perfectly private Tuscan Villa, complete with swimming pool, in the splendid undulating countryside of the timelessly stunning Val D’Orcia.

As their wedding Celebrants, our main logistical interest was the charmingly compact chapel, situated within a stone’s throw of the house itself. It was a little windy but the protective walls were at least a guarantee against impending rain.

On first sight it seemed unlikely that everyone would be comfortably housed inside such a relatively small space.. and this included us, the legendary photographer Jules and of course the main protagonists! Miraculously however, the limited space was no impediment and more than compensated for by the open hearts and vast emotions that characterized the ceremony.

This couple obviously share a profound understanding of one another.. Their initial meeting and subsequent events inspired and moved us all. It was extremely generous of Tarma and Dale to spontaneously share their feelings with such mutual honesty, eloquence and tenderness.

As a Bride Tarma truly shone… her coy smile was encouraged by Dale and an abundance of beaming sunflowers that adorned the chapel. An iconic image of Tuscany, they added a splash of sunshine to the altar, which added a sense of warmth to the cool interior.

There was nothing stone like however about the nature of the ceremony, which was punctuated by the vibrancy of young Corey.. .a much beloved son, who was the sunniest flower of all.

It was a real honor to have been trusted so implicitly by Tarma and Dale… a Bride and Groom, who wished for nothing more than a quietly reflective representation of their story thus far.. and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for inviting us to participate in their happy event and to wish them every success as they continue to navigate their own very special journey together 🙂

Happy First Anniversary!