Search For A Soul Mate

In these moments of crisis and uncertainty on many fronts, including environmental, economic and social, one thing is a given constant and that is the human desire and search for LOVE.

Love of course manifests itself in many forms and constantly surrounds us whether we are aware of it or not but no matter how high the divorce statistics rise or how disillusioned we become, many of us hope to find that one special person with whom to navigate and share our lives… a soul mate. It is the fulfilment of a dream that some people never realise and fortunate indeed are those who find their perfect partner.

After all without love we are merely passing through this life in a practical way but perhaps without a deeper meaning. Sharing your life with someone is a precious thing…another person is a witness to your life, privy to your feelings, desires, needs and aspirations and does or should do everything they can to contribute to your growth as a person, happiness and motivation in everything you do.

Every time we perform a reading or poem we feel not only fortunate to communcate the sentiment of the piece but earnestly hope that the couple standing in front of us will in future experience only a deepening and strengthening of the feelings they share at that moment.

I write this as a dedication to all those couples who have invited us or will invite us to perform their ceremonies and also as a celebration of love and life. I believe this is how we should think and feel every day and my hope is that you will feel inspired to re-apraise your own relationship and to appreciate all that is good and resolve to strengthen that which is weak.