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Stealing Beauty in Tuscany

Our handsome Bride and Groom are passionate lovers of Italian architecture, fashion and Tuscany’s rustic splendour.

They chose an elegant and historically interesting venue for their runaway wedding adventure! Villa di Geggiano is an utterly charming hideaway situated in the world famous Chianti region. The Villa is a popular choice with film makers and was host to the Director Bernardo Bertolucci and his crew during the making of ‘Stealing Beauty’.

The cinematic significance of this title was not lost on us when we wrote the text for a highly personalised and intimate wedding blessing ceremony.. for our couple wished for nothing more than to steal time alone and travel in secret to experience the immense peace and tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside.

The illustrious Professional Photographer Jules stole many stunning images during a sumptuously styled and luxurious destination elopement event.

We hope this gallery will inspire all couples secretly plotting to abscond to one of central Italy’s most incredible Villas.. the perfect place in which to steal a little Tuscan beauty!