To The Lighthouse…

One of the most memorable and delightful matrimonial experiences of 2012 was undoubtedly Barbara and Wilco’s romantic Autumn ceremony in Sardinia.

This handsome young Dutch couple first recognized they had fallen deeply in love during a previous visit to the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (Sardegna).

Since Barbara and Wilco are a couple of ‘bright young things’ they most definitely wished to avoid predictability and stuffiness. As open minded individuals they were receptive to the fresh ideas we suggested to make their ceremony feel truly unique.

They particularly desired that friends and family realized their importance and were an integral part of the proceedings, as well as being genuinely entertained and inspired. Certainly many of those present left with an earnest desire to return one day…including us!

The unusual decision to hold their ceremony under the watchful gaze of an antique lighthouse was nothing short of  inspirational, for cultural and symbolic reasons.

Gazing out across an infinite sea, characterized by risen heads of ancient rock, it was easy to forget which century we were in… Such untamed and timeless beauty created the perfect stage on which to honour part of the Bride’s cultural heritage.

During calm or troubled waters the lighthouse is a sign of reassurance, safety and hope… and a loving and truthful relationship should offer the same comfort 🙂

We would sincerely like to thank Barbara and Wilco for being such a delight to work with and want them to know that we will never forget their thoughtfulness and generosity towards us.

May they continue to enjoy only happiness and good fortune for the rest of their days and return to the serene memory of their incredible wedding, to which we were all drawn… to the lighthouse

Reellove Films’ so perfectly captured the visual and emotional intensity of the event and we would like to thank the amazingly creative  and talented  Frances Madell for allowing us permission to feature such a stunning video on our blog.