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Venerating Porto Venere


It is always such a pleasure to work with couples who place great importance on the emotional and lexical content of their ceremony as well as the location itself. While other aspects of a wedding day are of course important, the ceremony itself is a core feature of a day which will never be repeated… and will be the element that you and your guests will remember the most.

As soon as we began corresponding with Rebecca and Stephan we could sense that the structure and choice of words to be incorporated into the script were of immense significance to how they would feel about the whole experience.

They eagerly imparted a wealth of interesting and relevant information, giving us complete autonomy to script a ceremony that would capture their unique vision.

And so it was an immense personal and professional satisfaction to liaise with them regarding their moving ceremony which was held in Liguria, Porto Venere. This is one of the most sophisticated venues in Liguria and many of the rich and famous flock to this exclusive port town during the summer months.

Rebecca and Stephan had in fact each fallen under the spell of this magical ambience… even before they had met one another. During one of their initial meetings, Stephan told Rebecca of his hopes that he would someday get married in this location as it had so captured his imagination, (though at the time neither had any idea that he would in fact be prophesizing the location of their own wedding!)

The timing of the ceremony was planned with precision to coincide with a rare lunar eclipse, in which the positioning of the earth between the sun and moon resulted in the moon being clothed in a deep shade romantic of red… a stunningly auspicious beginning for the rest of their married lives. Most appropriately, a temple dedicated to Venus (Goddess of Love) had existed in ancient times on the original site of the ceremony.

The Bride and Groom were lured by their great love of the sea and celestial skies of Liguria. Rebecca is also a great lover of poetry, (a passion we share) and was intrigued and captivated by the famous Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets) in which the Romantic poets Byron and Shelley often swam during freqent visits. It is immensely inspiring to visit the Grotto, adjacent to the beautiful Gothic Chruch of San Pietro, an incredible gateway to an immense and expensive Ligurian sea, which is named after Byron himself.

So many elements conspired to make this the perfect setting for such a spiritual and romantic ceremony which was the fulfillment of a long shared dream by both the Bride and Groom. We were thrilled to have been a part of it and are sure in our hearts that they will return often to re-live each sensory experience and venerate Porto Venere for their rest of their lives.