Vowing To Grow Together


Marriage Vows are the beating heart of a wedding ceremony. Originally composed sentiments are a rare opportunity to publicly express those feelings that are usually shared in private.

Laura and James considered their choice of words with due care and attention and surprised one another with personal vows. The result was an eloquently expressed, touching and meaningful highlight of an unforgettable day…

We are unable to share them in this blog, as that would spoil their sacred nature and invade the couple’s privacy… Suffice to say that the tenderness with which they expressed their personal feelings simply blew us away and that their literary power perfectly reflected how greatly they value their relationship and one another’s unique qualities.

Laura and James are beautiful people in every sense of the word and possess an earnest desire to share every single waking moment and to make a success of everything they pursue together. This includes an exciting new business venture, in which they view themselves as complementary halves of the same coin!

When you love someone it’s important to ensure that you grow together rather than purely pursuing your own individual road.. This is exactly the ideal that James and Laura had in mind when they decided to work together.

Based in Dubai, Laura and James are the dynamic duo responsible for the birth of ‘Growhttp://www.grow.ae an innovative new company, offering a diverse and vibrant internet perspective and service.

How on earth this perfect example of Yin and Yang found time to think about a destination wedding too during this past year is beyond us…

They did receive help however…  Expert planning and guidance was readily on hand from the famously unflappable, Kelly Hayes http://www.theitalianweddingplanner.com

Family and friends were also very much involved and an important element in making the whole experience a complete success. James’ family in particular should seriously consider a future career in the wedding industry…

The Bride’s Mother in Law did a fabulous job, creating Laura’s stunning Bridal dress… which was still receiving it’s final touches just before the ceremony was due to begin!

Laura is also blessed with talented Sister in Laws:

Kathryn, needed to do little to enhance Laura’s perfect features and fine bone structure. As you can see from the gorgeous gallery of images, she created a fresh and elegant look.

Clare, who is a talented bespoke jewellery designer living in Dubai, designed and created both wedding rings and a beautiful necklace worn by The Bride on the day. www.phioro.com

We would like to thank Laura and James for allowing us permission to feature these sensational images, captured in July, at Castello di Vincigliata by the very talented David Bastianoni.


We particularly love the iconic shot of Laura opening the door of the castle… a portal holding the promise of a new life…

This ceremony will forever remain one of our personal favourites. The time and enthusiasm invested by The Bride and Groom made working closely with them a real pleasure.

We wish Laura and James continued love, success, health, happiness.. and of course, GROWTH!

Laura Jane Pardoe - October 2, 2013 - 1:27 pm

Our wedding was in Castello di Vincigliata a month ago and thinking back, I have such fond memories of dealing with Diane and Giuseppe. (Blessings From Italy) From the very first communication, they were professional and knowledgeable and understood our needs entirely. We had Skype conversations with Giuseppe and he gave us wonderful ideas for hymns and readings. He then sent over copious amounts of material that would help shape the ceremony. Diane then sent over the final order of service in a timely manner which enabled us to create our “order of service fans.” Such fast email response is rare in Italy, my husband and I found it very refreshing.

On the day of the wedding, the ceremony they conducted was fantastic, its execution from the word go was perfect, it all fell into place. They even went above and beyond, and read out a poem after my name – I nearly cried! It was absolutely beautiful and all my family and friends said so. You can see from the word go that they are very kind and loving people, passionate about their work.

Future brides, I recommend them fully – you won’t be disappointed!

Diane and Giuseppe, we miss you already! Thank you from the bottom of our heart,

Love Laura and James xx
Wedding: 07/15/2013