When Love Took Flight in Tuscany…

Joyce and Ted, a pair of ‘love birds’ from Connecticut, pledged their troth last Autumn in the majestic grounds of a fairytale Tuscan Castle close to Florence.

Honouring the Bride’s Filipino heritage was of central importance and core rituals were respectfully observed but also blended together with others to reflect this, making the ceremony unique and personal.

Incorporating cultural traditions are also a wonderful way to involve family members and communicate respect for diverse beliefs.

There are central rituals which are traditionally observed during a Filipino wedding ceremony, commencing with the Arrhae or ‘Coin Ceremony’ representing the Groom’s dedication to the welfare of his Bride. Of course in these modern times the ritual is often deemed to be reciprocal and signifies the couple’s joint desire for security and prosperity, as they build their future lives together.

A Veil was then brought forward to symbolically cover the Bride and Groom with a mantel of Divine protection, followed by a Cord Ceremony, emphasising an eternal bond.

Joyce is one of the most creative and adventurous Brides we have ever had the pleasure to work with! She is also a respectful daughter and was deeply concerned that her family should understand her love for them and her cultural roots.

She also had no wish to bore or alienate the congregation and decided that this was a great opportunity to incorporate other rituals that she had fallen in love with.

We engaged in regular correspondence involving many different drafts, spanning a substantial period, to clearly define the ritual details and ensure that the ceremony flowed with sense and grace.

The grand finale literally enabled emotions to take flight when a pair of love birds were released to the strains of ‘Con Te Partirò’ (I Will Leave With You) …

We were all captivated to watch them take flight and encircle us overhead, enjoying a birds’ eye view of the magnificent medieval castle and surrounding purple vineyards.

It was a perfect conclusion to a moving experience, in which White Doves were released as an emblem of peace, love and a new beginning…

The purity of the moment mirrored the eloquent words used by the Bride and Groom regarding their profound feelings for one another.

We thoroughly enjoyed weaving the sentiments and various rituals together to form a ceremonial fabric, the memory of which we sincerely hope will stand the test of time, as will their marriage… for Joyce and Ted deserve to be sublimely happy for the rest of their lives. Their love has wings after all! 🙂